About us

Comprised of ISG (Instructional Support Group) and DCDC (Distance Course Design and Consulting) groups to assist faculty / staff with technological needs.



Utilize a cross-platform imaging software to replace and better monitor our current imaging process.
Remotely manage and push software updates to lab macs in the CCC.

ITE Database System

User friendly web interface to track students / observers / coordinators with basic CRUD operations as well as filtering them.


Tutorial and Lessons website that assists faculty and staff with steps and procedures for our resources in the COE.
Cloud storage system that allows faculty and staff to backup and share information within the COE.
Scheduling tool that allows user to reserve rooms / equipment / and parking passes within the COE.
Website that utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to assist faculty / staff with sharing sensitive passphrases.
Database system to track and log encrypted computers within the COE.